McCoy Pottery Reference Books

Everyone needs reference books. Below are our top choices of the McCoy Pottery Reference books everyone should own. Each book has its own reasons for owning. Please understand that the values found in these guides are NOT accurate and they should be used for photo reference and learning only.  As a collector for 30 plus years the number one thing you can do to increase your odds of learning is studying these guides as often as possible. Hands on, inspecting, and having McCoy Pottery reference books available are the best tools collectors can have. Below you will find our recommendations in order from our top choice to our last choice. I will add that there are more reference books available than what we list here. Lastly there are errors in these books as well. But for now let’s concentrate on learning the lines, colors, finishes, shapes and sizes. Today you can find these books for bargain prices on eBay and Amazon. So shop around and you might find these for just a few dollars nowadays and they are worth their weight in gold to a collector.