McCoy Pottery Lines

McCoy Pottery Lines 

Below you will find the lines produced by The McCoy Pottery Company. Some of the lines have been been condensed down and extra lines added for popular items like Stretch Animals and some others. As a bonus, If you click on the photo they will take you to eBay sold items so you can see what these items are selling for within the last 30-60 days.

Antiqua Line

The Antiqua Line was introduced in 1968. In 1973 Gold and Silver was added and was named the Gold and Silver Line. These pieces have a plating over glazed pottery. Wash carefully as the plating will come off.

Antique Curio Line

Antique Curio was produced between 1960 and 1963 and was produced in a Brown and White base glaze with Decorated Grapes pattern. Be on the look out for unique glazed pieces in this line as they do exist.

Antique Rose Line

Antique Rose came in two versions Red and Brown Antique Rose.  The difference is in the color of the Rose decorated decals that were added. This line was produced in 1959.

Arcature Line

The Arcature line was produced in 1951 and were a mid century Modern square or rectangle Frame in which Birds perched on branches with leaves were the center piece of the pieces. 

Artisan Line

The Artisan line was produced in 1964 in an array of colors, sizes and shapes. The larger pieces seem to be quite tough to find in recent years. So be on the look out.

McCoy Pottery Ash Trays

McCoy Pottery made Ash trays in all shapes and sizes. If you search through your reference books or eBay you will find countless options if you’re an ash tray collector.

McCoy Pottery Banks

McCoy Pottery Bank collectors have a huge amount of options available and some quite rare samples exist from cookie jar tops if you’re lucky enough to find them. Many of these were contract pieces for other companies.

McCoy Pottery Baskets

Baskets can fill a collectors shelves quickly. Besides there being hanging baskets in many of the regular lines there are also several baskets that were produced just as baskets and are not part of any other line.  Note: be on the look out for extremely rare Cope decorated baskets they do exist. 

Basket Line

The Basket line was produced in 1959 and is one of the lines that the exterior is a washed bisque finish with a Green or yellow gloss interior glaze. There appears to be 8 pieces in this line.

Blossom Time Line

Blossom Time was a very highly liked like that began production in 1947. This line was standard with a white or yellow body color with Pink flowers. Look closely at those flowers. They are also found in Blue, Yellow, White and Cobalt. There is also at least one Pink base color piece in existence with a pink flower.  So keep your eyes open and look this line over closely when you see it. You may just fine a HTF or even Extremely rare example.

McCoy Pottery Book Ends

McCoy Produced several sets of book ends. There should be enough different sets to keep a collector extremely busy shopping from Animals to to Violins. You’re going to want to watch closely because there are some extremely rare sets of book ends out there waiting to be found not to mention some very odd glaze colors as well.


Brocade Line

The McCoy Brocade line was produced in 1956. You will find color variations such as Black and Pink, Cherry and Green, Chartreuse and Green, Pink and White and Pink and Lime. 

Butterfly (Embossed) Line

A huge favorite with collectors is Butterfly. Produced beginning in the early 1940s and full of shapes and colors. The common colors are Matte Green(aqua), Blue(periwinkle),Pink, Yellow and White. However we know that Coral is also a color used and even some Gloss Pink. But most importantly is that Not every piece was made in White. This line is full of surprises so be sure and read up on it as there are lots of variations and very special pieces to be found. The spoon rest has only been found in Gloss Yellow and Green.

Calypso Line

The Calypso line was produced in 1958 and most consider it the 2 planters featuring a colored person. However it’s so much more. It included the Rare fish jardinière and even some salad sets produced in a Caribbean color and style.

McCoy Pottery Candle Holders

Beginning in the 1940s McCoy produced many different candleholders. You can find them as part of other lines or you may just get lucky and find a set designed by Leslie Cope that was not produced and is highly sought after and valuable. 

Rare Cope Candle holder

Capri line

The Capri line was produced in 1957 and consisted of Modern shape planters with e semi Textured pastel Pink, White, Blue, Yellow and Lime Exterior with contrasting Interior Glazes. There are also oil jars found in these same colors and textures and are believed to be Capri as well. So keep your eyes out. Who knows what may be found next. This line could take off anytime since its futuristic style and colors are so 1950s-1970s. Watch this line.

Cascade Line

The Cascade line was produced in 1961 and decorated with iridescent colors; Scarlet, Blue with Green and Mother of Pearl.  Sometimes confused with Lost Glaze line.

Classic Line

The Classic line consisted of several shapes in Blue, Black and White with a gold wash finish. A great line for the mid century collectors and decorators. Produced in 1962.

McCoy Cope Collection

Sydney and Leslie Cope were the top designers for McCoy Pottery. Pay close attention to these pieces. Many of them are one of a kind and are Extremely sought after by collectors. Here we will only concentrate on those Pieces that were decorated by Sydney or Leslie. Pay very close attention to detail when looking at Cope Decorated Pieces. They are easily spotted.  See Sanford’s McCoy book starting on page 76.

Crestwood  Line

Crestwood line is another one of those Mid Century lines that are gaining popularity with new collectors. Produced in the mid 1960’s in Orange, Yellow and White with or without Gold highlights. We warned you about this one first. Better start picking them up while they’re under the radar. 

Early American Line

The Early American line was produced in 1967 with a crackle finish and base color white with blue and green highlights.  A small line and easy to complete with the exception of the extremely rare wall pocket.

Embossed Basketweave Line

Embossed Basketweave is a very popular line with collectors. Produce in 1932 and unmarked. This line is found in White, Red, Blue, Aqua and Yellow. Keep your eyes out for this line, it’s often bargain priced because its not marked. The Small Pot and saucer is one of the top pieces in the line collectors are looking for. 

Fancy and Figural McCoy Planters

McCoy fancy planters can consist of many different styles and shapes, animals, vehicles, fruit just about anything are grouped into this section of Sanfords Big Red Book.  Since were using Sanfords Lines and trying to keep things simple for collectors we will continue that with this line as well. Many of the planters in this section we will reference in the McCoy Cope Section rather than here.


Floraline Line

Floraline was introduced when Nelson McCoy was looking for a inexpensive line to offer to Florist. Where the name Floraline came from. Leslie Cope was one of the main designers for this line.  Mostly simple and plain shapes in simple and plain colors such as white, black and green. Some amazing pieces are part of the Floraline line. so Keep a close eye out for these great pieces. 

Flower Form Vases

McCoy Pottery produced some fantastic floral shaped vases and planters. The most sought after is the Yellow Poppy Planter, The Petal vase otherwise known as a Celery vase and then any of the cope flower vases. Keep a close eye out for those extremely hard to find Cope applied flower vases.

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